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IQCP Framework Overview (10)
IQCP Framework Overview (10)
This course reviews each of the 6 domains and associated tasks of the IQCP framework. The framework is documented in "Appendix A- Exam Blueprint" of the IAIDQ Job Analysis Report titled "The Job of the Information/Data Quality Professional".
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IQCP Excel Format Study Guide (20)
IQCP Excel Format Study Guide (20)
This course is a container for the IAIDQ copyright IQCP Excel Format Study Guide. This contains the same information as the IAIDQ provided Study Guide, but in tabular format so that analysis can be conducted. For a detailed description see...
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Quality Pioneers (210)
Quality Pioneers (210)
This course contains three units: Unit 1. This section reviews the industrial quality pioneers (Shewhart, Deming, Juran and more) and their contribution to the quality field. The student is introduced to various author's descriptions of...
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Ethics in Data Quality (220)
Ethics in Data Quality (220)
This course is relatively short compared to the importance it holds within the scope of the IQ practitioner's job duties. A. First, we start out by defining ethics- with a focus on the IQ context. B. Next, this course discusses the distinction...
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Change Management (230)
Change Management (230)
Unit 1. First, we discuss the relevance of change management when performing IQ duties. We then review three famous methods of addressing change/transition as follows: A. Managing Transitions- A Model for Change by William Bridges B. Leading...
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DQ Assessment and Measurement (510)
DQ Assessment and Measurement (510)
This course defines DQ Assessment and provides five units of training based on the IQCP(TM) Study Guide's recommended readings for domain 5, "Information Quality Measurement and Improvement". The following is a list of the topics: Dimensions of...
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