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Change Management (230)

Unit 1. First, we discuss the relevance of change management when performing IQ duties. We then review three famous methods of addressing change/transition as follows:
A. Managing Transitions- A Model for Change by William Bridges
B. Leading Change- A Model for Change by John Kotter
C. Steven Denning on Change

Unit 2. Teamwork and the effective managment of conflict is paramount in IQ. This unit focuses on this important topic.
  • Introduction to Change Management
  • Course Learning Objectives
  • Unit 1- Change Management and Communication
  • Unit 1. Required Reading Assignment
  • Change Management
  • Discussion Started on Change Management
  • Change Management Test (3)
  • Unit 2- Working in Teams
  • Unit 2. Required Reading Assignment
  • Working in Teams
  • Working in Teams Test (3)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed