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Data Quality

DQ Jumpstart- Using the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality (Tokyo, 2019-11-13) (2001)

In this class we step through the proposed industry standard set of Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality. Then, with this conceptual basis, we discuss 16 real-world data quality improvement techniques used by practitioners across 5 important categories.

Each includes an example and explanation for use.
1. Validation Techniques (3)
2. Completeness and Consistency Techniques (4)
3. Data Profiling Techniques (4)
4. Human Directed Audit Techniques (3)
5. Human Input Techniques (2)

All attendees receive the following:
1. Copy of the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality poster ($25 value).
2. DQ technique to Conformed Dimension grid so that they can quickly identify candidate techniques for improvement after DQ issue identification.

Groups of five get the sixth attendee free!

More Detail and Registration here:
English Registration: http://dqm.mx/dqjumpstart19-tokyo-course
Japanese Registration: http://dqm.mx/dqjumpstart19-tokyo-course-j
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed